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Coffee Luwak is considered one

I want to start this section by making very clear that NONE of the photos of the tame Luwaks you see on this website were taken at our plantation. The images you see here are of orphaned Luwaks we saved from pet shop cages in Bali NOT in Sumatra.

Luwak is the Indonesian name for the Civet Cat. Also known as the Asian Palm Civet, the Common Palm Civet or (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). It’s a native to the highlands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia and a relative of the Indian mongoose - famous for its lightening fast reflexes and ability to kill cobras and other snakes

Pronounced SIHV iht, the civet is a furry mammal resembling a long (13-38 inches; 33-97centimetres), slender cat – with a more pointed snout, a fluffier tail, and shorter legs. This fluffy, muscular tail is sometimes as long as the rest of the body. Civets use their tail to grasp branches and to steady themselves while climbing trees. Civets also live in Africa and by nature, nocturnal, the Luwak spend their nights rampaging through the local coffee plantations. As they scurry up the trees, back and forth along the fruit bearing branches, they inspect each berry, meticulously. They only choose to eat the berries that are perfectly ripened, with just the right amount of water content and acidity in the parchment.

Lucky for the Civets, the Dutch decided to grow coffee in its backyard – and the civet cats took an instant liking to eating ripe coffee cherries.

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee. Kopi Luwak literally means coffee from the civet cat.

"Who are the greatest coffee connoisseurs in the world”

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