Senin, 29 November 2010

KOPI LUWAK Excellent Coffee

Luwak –or Civet- is an animal which likes consuming fruits. One of its favorite fruit is coffee. However, coffee eaten by a civet is not coffee in common. Civet has a good instinct in choosing the best coffee. Civets consume the red coffee fruits, and they tend to pick the ripest and sweetest fruit. The inner bean of the fruit is not digested, but a unique combination of enzymes in the stomach of the civet add to the coffee’s flavor by breaking down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste.

Kopi Luwak – or Civet Coffee – is very special for coffee lovers. This Coffee is very popular, even it ever been reported in Oprah Winfrey Show TV program. oprah_kopi_luwak-150x150

In foreign countries such as United States, its price is very expensive and become the most expensive coffee in the world.

One small cafe in Queensland Australia has Kopi Luwak on the menu at A$50.00 (US$33.00) per cup. Brasserie of Peter Jones department store in London’s Sloane Square started selling a blend of Kopi Luwak peanut and Blue Mountain called Caffe Raro for £50 (=US$99.00) a cup.

Kopi Luwak price equals with its amazing taste and aroma, and its limited in nature.

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